Scented Candle Set 香薰蠟燭套裝

Scented Candle Set 香薰蠟燭套裝

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Scented Candle Set 香薰蠟燭套裝

Scented Candle 60g (香薰蠟燭 ) x 2

共6款香氣 **購買時請備註2款香味 **

- Rose & Cassis 玫瑰黑醋栗香薰蠟燭 ( New)

- White Sandalwood 白檀木香薰蠟燭 ( New)

-  Fig Trees 無花果樹香薰蠟燭

- Oud Fairies 沉香守護天使香薰蠟燭

 - White Rose 白玫瑰香薰蠟燭

- Juicy Grape 鮮榨葡萄香薰蠟燭


我們的蠟燭是基於大豆蠟和椰子蠟。 香港手工倒蠟,含高濃度香薰精油。


容量: 60 克


** Please remark two scents in comment when purchase

Total 6 scents, includes:

- Rose & Cassis Scented Candle (New)

- White Sandalwood Scented Candle (New)

- Fig Trees Scented Candle

Oud Fairies Scented Candle

- White Rose Scented Candle 

Juicy Grape Scented Candle



Our candles are soy wax and coconut-based.  They are hand-poured in Hong Kong, highly concentrated in oils.  

Burn time up to 20 hours.

Volume: 60g