Juicy Grape Reed Diffuser Pack of 2
Juicy Grape Reed Diffuser Pack of 2

Juicy Grape Reed Diffuser Pack of 2

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Thirsty?! Try our fresh squeeze juicy grape fragrance.

Product description:

  • 2 x Juicy grape reed diffuser 100ml

Recommended by Isabelle @15ab3113:

我好鍾意係屋企放藤枝香薰,香氣除咗可以營造氣氛,仲可以令心情愉快。香薰瓶仲粉飾家居添!因為屋企有小朋友嘅關係,所以係選購香薰 方面都希望材料係天然,唔會有其他化學成份。JOSEE organic beauty and perfume嘅產品選用最優質稀有天然香水材料。 天然成分主要嚟自格拉斯(Grasses),稀有天然材料嚟自世界各地。佢哩款鮮榨葡萄滕枝香薰—JUICY GRAPE真係好Juicy提子味!每日都感覺自己置身係葡萄園中🍇. JOSEE嘅滕枝香薰以無酒精嘅環保溶劑及天然植物調和而成,所以放係屋企都好放心💜 因為我放係客廳,所以我用曬所有滕枝😆一般可以先放5-6枝先,放係空氣流通嘅地方效果會更好。每個星期將滕枝翻轉一次,就可以重新釋出香氣啦!

Scent description:

Top: Fresh Squeeze Grape, Green Floral, Raspberry Fruits
Middle: Rose Petal, Green Floral, Orange Blossom
Bottom: Bourgeons De Cassis, White Musk, Vanilla

Our reed diffusers are blended in an alcohol-free, eco-solvent base that is derived from plant and contains NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).  It is petroleum-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free, HICC-free and nitro-musk free

Simply turn the reeds over once a week to recharge and release a new wave of scent.

Volume: 100ml