Ginger CO2

Zingiber officinale

Ginger CO2

Ginger CO2 has only more recently been included as a must-have in the collections of aromatherapists, natural perfumers and massage therapists alike. Many find it useful in massage formulas, both before and after exercise, and in cases of under or over-exercise.


The aroma of our organic Ginger CO2 extract is very warm, spicy, darker and more complex than the aroma of distilled Ginger, yet smells just like a very fresh and very alive Ginger root. Ginger CO2 is a deep brownish-red oil and is quite strong, so it is best to use it in low percentages. We find that the CO2 extracts of the spice oils are preferable in aroma to the more commonly available steam distilled oils. Their energetic and vibrant aroma is more true to that of the fresh plant material.

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